January 19, 2018

Devon, PA - April 11, 2017 - Exhibitors and spectators for the 2017 Devon Horse Show and Country Fair will notice major renovations to the historic show grounds when they come in May.  Many projects have been ongoing throughout the past year and will be completed in time for the 2017 season, creating the perfect atmosphere for the annual event "Where Champions Meet."

Upgrades to the facility are numerous and include completion of significant renovations of stall interiors. Supporters of the restoration program for the Devon Back Barns receive a horseshoe plaque displayed for 10 years on the Wall of Honor to recognize their gracious donations.dev2017

Lighting in the Dixon Oval and Gold Ring has been improved with additional lighting and backlit cupolas that will be lit from underneath. Two large LED sign boards has been added that will be visible in the country fair section of the grounds.

Seating options at the show have expanded this year too. The East 4 grandstand is now a double decker tent and the capacity has been maximized to accommodate 148 extra seats. As eventing is introduced to Devon, the class is anticipated to draw new spectators to the Dixon Oval not seen in previous years.

Additional facility improvements include the addition of tent roofs in the vendor area behind East 2 and 3 grandstands to make them more all-purpose and weather resistant. Handicap accessible bathrooms have been added on the east side of the grounds. Behind the east grandstands by the Clydesdale's Corner Pub, the picnic table area has been doubled to twice its previous capacity to accommodate the increase in visitors.

Since last year's season, exhibitors and spectators will notice an abundance of new trees and shrubs on the premises following a $25,000 landscaping project to create a lush and aesthetically pleasing Devon. Two additional vendor sheds have also been added to increase shopping options for guests.

"Each year, we are committed to creating the best atmosphere for everyone who attends the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair," said Devon Horse Show Chairman Wayne W. Grafton. "We are very excited to welcome everyone in 2017 and showcase the improvements that we have achieved during the past year."

Lastly, The $50,000 Eventing class is scheduled for May 28th. We have over 40 top Event riders who will compete both cross country and stadium jumping in an arena format using both the Gold Ring and Dixon Oval. This should definitely add a new group of spectactors to the Horse Show Grounds. Capt Mark Phillips will design the course.

Devon Horse Show President Richard O'Donnell added, "The Devon Horse Show is a historic event and we are dedicated to preserving its legacy while continuing to improve the facility and offer the best experience possible for exhibitors and spectators."

The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair is the longest running and largest outdoor multi-breed competition in the United States. With the grandeur of Philadelphia's prestigious Main Line setting the stage, the event features a world-class field that annually ranks among the most prominent internationally. The event also includes the Country Fair that offers world-class shopping, rides and games for kids, multiple dining options and special entertainment events.

For tickets, please visit http://www.devonhorseshow.net/tickets-home-page/dhs-tickets/.