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Clubs and Organizations

MidAtlantic Rescue Chesapeake City, MD 38999

Comments: Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue is a divison of Paws for Life, Inc., a Federal 501(c)3, that buys slaughter bound ex-racehorses and adopts them into good homes where they can start a new life. For fifteen years we have been buying thoroughbreds at livestock auctions, evaluating them, and starting them in new careers. Ginny Suarez, Board President, and Beverly Strauss, Executive Director, are lifelong horsewomen. Graduate B and A Pony Clubbers, both have had extensive experience in eventing, dressage, showing, and foxhunting, and are licensed racehorse trainers.

TB Rescue
MCTA Elkton, MD 38999

Comments: New and experienced riders of all ages, nonriders, horse lovers and people who want to learn about the sport of Eventing will find plenty of opportunities to ride, to learn, to locate facilities and instructors, attend clinics, assist at events, win awards, earn cash grants toward improving your riding skills, meet people who share your love of the sport, make friends and have fun with horses!

Combined Training
St Augustine Pony Club Warwick, MD 21912

Address: P.O. Box 152 Warwick, MD 21912

Days End Horse Rescue Lisbon, Maryland 21765

Phone:301/854-5037 or 410/442-1564
Comments: Horse Resuce


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